My wounds are self-inflicted

I believe that monsters and other devilish creatures flow through our blood.

I cut myself atleast once or twice a month to cleanse myself.

My scars remind me of all the evil things I have done.

I’m inlove with my best girlfriend.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost a year now. 

But I don’t love him.

Everytime I’m with him all I can think about is her.

I’m scared that maybe she won’t accept me for who I really am.

I hate this feeling.

The feeling I get when I’m with my friends.

I’m with them but I don’t feel like I’m exactly there.

I desperately try to be with them.

But I can’t.

I smile and laugh but it’s all pretend.

I want to be with them but I can’t.

Even though they make me smile, they don’t make me happy.

I see them dead.

I think of different ways for them to die,

I see them burn. They’re in pieces.

I see them with their flesh hanging from their skin.

They’re rotten,

It suits them perfectly.

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